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You Are Enough

You probably went to school – the elementary school first, then to higher levels. You played with friends and you did what teachers told you to do – drawing pictures and writing words on papers. They put letters on your assignments and gave you stickers and you didn’t really care which ones those were. Sometimes,… Continue reading You Are Enough

Find Your Next Story

Do not let your Muse take you hostage. This straight-forward method for finding and developing stories removes the alchemy and frustration from your writing experience “I love writing but I’m just not that creative. I can’t come up with new stories all the time” “How did you come up with that story you wrote?” “I… Continue reading Find Your Next Story

Writing Like an Immigrant

One of my first solid memories is coming to the United States as a small child. I was too young to remark on all the differences between where I had come from and Kansas, where my family ended up settling. But being an immigrant is not a simple transition – moving from point A to… Continue reading Writing Like an Immigrant

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